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Can I visit the school?

Absolutely! As Saint Benedict writes in his Rule, “Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ” (Chapter 53). To schedule a tour, please email the Principal, Dr. Rachel Noll, at [email protected]

How much is school tuition?

Please visit our Tuition page to find information on Catholic and Non-Catholic tuition rates. 

Do you have to be Catholic to go to school here?

No. While we are a Catholic Parochial School saturated with a Catholic ethos, we welcome non-Catholic students openly to our school with a promise to not proselytize any student. While we teach and present the Catholic faith with mandatory Religion Classes, Catholic membership is not a requirement and we encourage students of other faiths and denominations to be the best members of said faith and denomination that they can. 

​Do you have a uniform policy?

Yes. Please see the Uniform Policy document on our Forms and Documents page

Do I have to buy new uniforms?

You can and you can go through (School Code: S1980) but we do have a uniform closet at school that has used uniforms for those that need it.